Saturday, October 22, 2011

You blocked me on Facebook...

My first experience with Knife Party, now my absolutely top favorite band, was when I bought all the remixes for the SHM megahit "Save the world" last winter. There's was this mad electro remix, that blew the socks of the original. I was instantly hooked and I started frantically to look for other tracks from these geniuses.

I struck gold!
Besides the SHM remix, I found remixes of Nero's "Promises", Porter Robinson's "Unison" and a bad ass Ibiza mix of a bunch of unreleased Knife Party tracks from the (then) upcoming EP "100% No Modern Talking" (both mix and EP can be downloaded for free here).

The tracks "Internet Friends", with the hilarious yet disturbing quote: "You blocked me on Facebook and now you're going to die!" and the drumstep banger "Fire Hive" just blew my mind, as they have done to every EDM loving friend I've shared it with.

Now, when a group of friends and me planned a trip to New York City, I was quite happy to uncover, that they were to play at Webster Hall the very weekend we were going to be there. I bought tickets months in advance.

Webster Hall, the oldest nightclub in NYC, was a bit disappointing at first when we walked in, american youngsters (new to EDM) in tank tops or no tops, plastic sun glasses and glow sticks jumping around on one of the smaller dance floors. We soon realized, that besides the "youngster room", there was a dirty/sexy/hedonistic basement and a large venue on the second floor. We went outside for a cigarette and to regroup, and when we walk back towards the entrance, a door picker though that we belonged in the VIP section on the third floor. We agreed to what the nice man said, and was very politely shown to our table on the balcony, overlooking the main floor and the scene, and soon the bottles of champagne and vodka would arrive and the real party begin.

I can honestly say, that this could very well be the best night out in my entire life. The venue and service was perfect, in my best friends good company, still intoxicated by the grandiosity of Manhattan, and the music was mind blowing. People were going nuts over each and every banging track, myself included. If you check out the banner (see picture above) from outside Webster Hall, you might understand why I could have stayed in NYC a couple of more weeks.

To your general information, Knife Party is a side project of two of the guys from Pendulum, which might explain why they give their stuff away, but let's see if they don't end up getting so successful, that it will become their main thing. I was never really that much into Pendulum, I felt it had to much guitar and singing, too "rocky". The Island pt. 2 is great though :)

Check out my video recording from the best night of my life at Webster Hall NYC below:

Knife Party - '100% No Modern Talking' EP

Porter Robinson - Unison (Knife Party Remix)

Nero - Crush On You (Knife Party Remix)