Friday, August 31, 2012

Tons of bass

It's been a crazy end to the summer in terms of musical adventure. I've tried to sum it all up below with a selection of tracks representing some of the many concerts I've been attending. There's just been so much good music to be heard and great shows to see lately in Copenhagen. It's a very positive development and I've really had trouble keeping up with it all. But here it goes...

Major Lazer @ Vega


In beautiful Vega with support from the local bass collective Yo Fok, in this case the always great, local king of bass Copyflex and Yo Felles (Julius Sylvest, Eloq and Dixone) 'longside with dutch moombah legend Munchi, who was still in the country after a Moombah party at KB18 the weekend before.

Major Lazer delivered a very varied and high energy show with emphasis on show, complete with dancers, "crowd orbing", CO2 cannons, hypemen and double DJ's, of course the man him self Diplo and his partner in crime the Jillionaire. The bass blew us all away!

If you haven't seen the video for Original Don, check it out below, it's very strange and quite brilliant.

Major Lazer - Get free (Dixone's get f#*king raving mix)

Diplo Afterparty @ Pumpehuset


After the show in Vega, I went to the Diplo afterparty with Yo Felles, Linkoban, Munchi b2b with Julius Sylvest and of course Diplo. There was a jungle theme going on with girls dressed up in skimpy leopard costumes an such - very nice :)

Yo Felles - The Anthem 

I was very happy to meet and have a little chat with both Diplo and Munchi. Diplo was quite drunk and very keen on getting some hot girls that flashed him during his set back stage, but Munchi was indeed very pleasant and seemed not only as a gifted musician but also like a very nice and positive person whom you would like to hang around. Check out his mix with Trap-A-Holics below:

Munchi x Trap-A-Holics - Trap Bubbling Mixtape (Mix by DJ Nappy)

Dillon Francis @ Rust


The good knight of Moombah, Sir Dillon Francis, visited Copenhagen for the first time. As you might know from a previous post, I've had the pleasure of seeing him both at the intimate and cozy Annie Mac stage by the waterfront at Ultra in Miami in March and in a small night club in Gothenburg, where I also got to had a chat with the Moombahton front runner. He ripped the small Rust nightclub apart with a great mix of moombah, electro house, trap and dubstep. Pretty much everything with bass in varied tempoes. Below you'll find one of his never tracks that has been making havoc in moombah and trap sets everywhere (trap is the new black, I will probably elaborate on it in a later post).

Dillon Francis - Masta Blasta (THE REBIRTH) 

Bassnectar @ Rust


The day after Dillon Francis it was time for some genuine American bro-step by US superstar Bassnectar. The show went down in the same place as the night before (well done Rust for your bookings lately!), the small and cozy Rust Nightclub. The place was packed with US expats in the usual tank tops and cap outfit, but none the less, Lorin (=Bassnectar) put on quite a show and did not disappoint the many American fans in the crowd, or me for that matter. Check out his short and downloadable "European" mixtape below and get ready to get your face melted.

Bassnectar's European Vacation Mix 

Thank you for the music @ Pumpehuset


This has to be the weirdest party I've attended this late summer. Copyflex and the Yo Fok crew was also behind this one, but this time it was a part of a small "world music" festival called "Thank you for the music" and they had invited a guy guy from Cairo called Karica, that Åsmund (Copyflex) had meet in Egypt. He didn't understand a word of English and apparently, it was his first time outside Egypt. I'm not quite sure what to call it. He was rapping/toasting in Arabic over some dubious kind of bass music played by his DJ. But really it wasn't the music the entertained med, it was his immense raw energy and party mentality the kept me hypnotized. In just ten minutes on the stage, he took to the floor and pretty much danced with the crowd, while "singing" for the rest of his set. I was so much fun and very cool to experience a different and Arabian take on bass music.

Steve Aoki @ Spectrum Scandinavia


After his show at Ambassadeur in Stockholm, the good people of Spectrum Scandinavia, the floating nightclub in the old ferry, managed to get the mega star DJ Steve Aoki to Copenhagen. At Ultra in Miami I was a bit disappointed with him as he pretty much just hit play and goof around most of his set, as it is his trademark, throwing cakes and crowding surfing on rubber inflatables. This time however, he actually played a nice set with tons of new stuff, but no Aoki sow without the cakes and the inflatables, but this time it was a more balanced mix between goofing around and actual dj'ing. Check out his epic track Ladi Dadi with Winter Gordon remixed by the one and only Tommy Trash. One one my all time favorites dreamy house tracks.

Ladi Dadi (Tommy Trash Remix) 

Hypster @ Babel


I'd like to introduce you guys to an upcoming name in the electro house scene. He's called Hypster, from the party island of Ibiza, and he was playing at the Save A Lollipop event at Babel in Malmoe, hosted and arranged by Pierre Zalas from the Matchstick Men, who always seems to surprise me with amazing acts in the old church, now nightclub on the other side of the Øresund channel, just 20 minutes from Copenhagen, in southern Sweden. Check out more of his heavy electro sound here.

Science Project (Hypster Remix)