Sunday, January 29, 2012

Next Danish EDM Superstar

I've spoken about the massive Swedish influence on house music before, with Swedish House Mafia and Avicii as the largest names in house music at the moment. Our neighbours to the east are doing something right, but when will we see a danish EDM artists get the same success as the Swedes?

Granted, the Swedish population is roughly 50% larger than the Danish, so statistically they should produce 1,5 superstar when we in Denmark produce 1 (which is is not the case by far). The Swedes has also had a long tradition for popular music, superior to the Danish one. But in this electronic genre, where anyone with a laptop is an aspiring dj/producer, it should be any mans/womans game.

Looking at the danish scene, only a couple of names comes to mind, if they are to have the superstar potential of their Swedish counterparts. Don't get me wrong, we have TONS of local danish talent, but in search for the next superstar in spe, only Morten Breum, Rune RK and maybe Trentemøller pops up.

The latter has been around for quite a while, and has an impressive discografi with lots of releases and remixes of Röyksopp, Moby and Pet Shop Boys i.e. Though Trentemøller is well respected and very popular in his minimal subgenre, he seems to lack the mass appeal needed. Rune RK (aka Kölsch aka Enur) is one of my personal favorites, both as dj and producer. You might remember the mega hit Calabria from 2003 with the very reconizable sax-riff. Recently he has taken steps toward the mainstream audience with a more pop/dance like sound in his latest productions (under the name Rune RK) with singer Clara Sofie. Productions under the Kolsch alias are still kept "underground".

The closest one to a major breakthrough of superstar Avicii-like dimensions, has to be Morten Breum. He has the sound, the attitude, the connections and the looks. From a more progressive/electro type style, he has also diversed into the popular big room sound (like "Never Surrender" and the yet unreleased ID "Larva", I heard it the first in a very rough mix in his November Recovery Mix from 2011) and the equally popular dubstep genre ("Ingen Anden Drøm"). Last summer, he moved permanently to LA and has since played major clubs like Pacha NYC and LIV Miami. I predict, that his newest ID (aka Larva) will rocket him from his LA base into EDM stardom.

Fortunately, I secured tickets for his first show back since here moved "over there" back here in Copenhagen in april. I look forward to welcome our Danish superstar at that time.

Rune RK and Databoy - Memorize me (Club Edit)

Röyksopp - What Else is There (Trentemøller Remix)