Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Steezoid Broadcasts #7 - Glitch Hop

This is a mix I did to raise focus on the often overseen genre of glitch hop, combining the traditions of hip hop music with rap and breakbeats, with hardcore electro and dub step sounds between 100 and 110-ish BPM. Some of the best in this discipline is german Kairo Kingdom and Danish/Norwegian Pegboard Nerds, so this also meant as an homage to them. Hope you enjoy it :)

Tracklist is in the Soundcloud link, just click the title.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Creamfields 2013: Bangers and Mash

The GoLive Party Crew, 10 people strong this time, went to Creamfields in Daresbury, right between Liverpool and Manchester. We started out with a bit of club hopping in Liverpool, benefitting from the immense competition on drinks in the central area. It was great fun a a good warmup to the things to come on the fields of Cream the following two days.

Creamfields is hosted by the legendary Liverpool/Ibiza nightclub Cream, and is located on a hill top in the middle of nowhere. The area was large and spacious, with a capacity of 60.000 ravers each day, boasting a wide range of scenes, tents and various entertainment. The majestic South/Main Stage, another large outdoor North Stage and then 5-6 large tents hosted by the likes of Steve Angello, Super You & Me (Laidback Luke), Pete Tong, Annie Mac, Skream & Benga, Richie Hawtin, Mix Mag, Cream, Anjunabeats and Sebastian Ingrosso. Throughout the area, there was plenty of nasty british food, the usual huge queues for the bars and carnival rides for the thrill seekers. The crowd was multinational as you would expect for one of the largest dance festivals in the world, with all the worlds flags swaying all over the place, but still dominated by the scouse "bloke-steppers", muscular and tank top clad along with their often obese, heavily war-painted and puffy haired girlfriends. Not the most beautiful people in the world, I'm sorry to say, but quite the spectacle.

Day 1 started out with Israeli bass-monger Borgore. He pretty much ripped the north stage apart with insane dubstep, trap and electro around 2 PM, but no, it was not, as you might expect, to early for that heavy bass - great start to the festival and we where ready to rave on. We followed up with more electro from Danish talent The Frederik, whom I regularly meet in my local supermarket in Copenhagen. Frederik did very well and the Danish party crew was really proud of his performance and appearance on the second largest stage, the same stage as The Prodigy would take over later that same day. 

Afterwards, we went towards the south stage to get ready for Knife Party. On the way down their, I caught a bit of the Swedish house duo Qulinez and Brooklyn trap superstar Baauer (no introduction needed). At the massive south stage, Nicky Romero was "warming up" for Knife Party. Nicky is always good, but after all the bass just before, he seemed a bit "light" for our mood, as we where standing by to go mental. Knife Party took the main stage, the crowd went nuts, mosh pits, head banging, seizures and bass faces all around us. Gotta say, Rob Swire, is just razor sharp as always, always completely flawless. There was a small hick up with the gear, but apparently not his fault. Many of the GoLivers described this show afterwards, as the best experience and craziest  party of the whole weekend.

We left the south stage to go back to the north stage and be ready for The Prodigy, playing their only UK show this summer. For me personally, it was a big experience, as I hadn't seen them before. The UK crowd gave them a suitable welcome and the live show was off with an immense energy. Big experience for me, but after an hour or so, we decided to go check out some of the other acts. We then went for some of the tents, saw a little of Alvin Risk, 20 minutes of Benny Benassi and Andy C and Steve Angello closing his tent with a long set mixed completely without the use of those annoying headphones.  After 12 hours of dancing around, we had to call it quits and headed back to the hotel. Some of the others in our party, staying and saw Skream and Benga supported by Sgt. Pokes, who recently invited some of us back stage at an outdoor festival in Copenhagen, super nice guy, likes Cognac.

Day 2 started out with Deniz Koyu playing nicely in the Ingrosso tent, followed by the difficult choice between Tommy Trash and Porter Robinson. I opted for Porter, as I've seem Tommy quite a few times, latest in Prague for Magnetic Festival in May. It was probably the best choice of the month, as the young American absolutely killed the North Stage with what i perceived as the best show of the whole festival. It was his last stop on his European Tour and he refused to play the usual Beatport top 10 with the exception of some insane edits of Knife Party's LRAD and Martin Garrix Animals that just blew my mind. He played electro house, dubstep, trap, hardcore/hard style and all kinds of weird unheard but excellent stuff. That kid is a huge talent!

After that epic set, we went to catch Chuckie, one of my personal favorites, but nothing could compare with Porters set and everything from that point on was bound to disappoint, and so did Chuckie. He probably played well as he usually does, but it just couldn't match the sovereign Porter Robinson, so we went outside the tent to rest our tired feet. As we rested on the grass, Feed Me was taking the North Stage and played while we took a breather. I got restless and went to catch the last half or so, as his friends took the stage to celebrate his birthday, dressed up as pirates.

We went to check out some drum n bass with DJ Friction, but had to eject as the sound was awful, but no harm done, as Modestep played a DJ set a bit later in the same tent. Also a bit of a surprise for me, as I didn't know what to expect, but from the first second, they got us all into bass heaven and the crew went bananas. We had to leave though, as Ingrosso and Alesso started their back 2 back set in the tent next to Modestep. These two swedes lifted us higher and higher with their huge build ups, private bootleg edits, mash ups and epic big room bangers. As Sub Focus played after Modestep, at the same time as the swedes, we sneaked of to catch Sub Focus for half an own. Brilliant dubstep and drum n bass, but eventually we went back to see Ingrosso and his protege finish their set. What  a brilliant closing to the festival.

In closing, I gotta say that we had a lot of fun, lots of great music and top artists, but Creamfields left me with the sense of "ok, been there done that". I probably won't come back again, but I'm glad I tried it. It surely is no match to the mighty UMF in sunny Miami. Next summer I will probably go for Tomorrowland or EDC Las Vegas or something like that instead.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Steezoid Broadcasts #6 - Endless summer

This is a mix dedicated to the summer we all wish would never end, with 20 neo-classic progressive house hits from the last couple of years, intended to make you want to dance through those warm summer nights until the sun rises on a cloud of happiness.

Tracklist is on the Soundcloud page, just click the link.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summerburst Gothenburg 2013

 After the great experience with Summerburst in Stockholm we had last year, the GoLive party crew and I decided to go for the Gothenburg one this year in mid June. The 2-day festival was held at the Nya Ullevi stadium with room for 25.000 ravers. The weather was excellent both days, so we got to party in the sun for to whole days.

We started out with some nice electro tunes from Russian Arty, followed by Steve Angello's baby brother AN21 with lots of great progressive tracks. Afterwards, fellow Swedes Cazzette took the stage followed by the usual antics from "DJ" Steve Aoki and topped of with pop DJ David Guetta. The energy at the stadium was high, everybody was in a good mood and love was in the air. I gotta say, neither Steve Aoki or Guetta are among my favorites. Aoki seems to use valuable set time to fool around with cakes and inflatable boats while a prerecorded mix plays in the background. I would prefer him to skip all that and focus on the music. Guetta is just to stupid looking to be taken seriously and he just plays all the safe popular tracks, many of which is his own featuring a variety of pop artist. The highlight of the day had to be Arty, Cazzette and AN21. Don't get me wrong, we had an amazing day with plenty of Rosé Champagne, bootleg vodka and redbull and plenty of soon, but the headliners was a bit forgettable. More was to come though as day 2 came...

We arrived at the stadium around 3 PM, just in time to order more Champagne and Redbull for our nutsack smuggled vodka (hard liqueur is not legal in that kind of venues in Sweden) and to catch one of my electro favorites, Swedish Albin Myers take the stage. He's always great, very energetic, lost of movement and gestures besides the usual "index-finger in the air" or the "both hands in the air" moves. Another Swede took over the decks (they have plenty of talent over there), Otto Knows delivered a great high energy progressive house set topped of with his summer anthem from last year Million Voices - imminent goosebumps!

Young dutch superstar Hardwell was up next, he had a gig in Copenhagen the same night, so I guess that's why he played so early, as he should have had a later slot amongst the headliners. Hardwell absolutely ripped Nya Ullevi apart with hardcore dutch electro house combined with his own melodic sing along tracks, not to forget the mega hit Spaceman - more goosebumps! The rather ungrateful task to follow Hardwell was left with W&W, former trance dudes gone house, surprised very positively, sending us all into outer space with their latest trancy/progressive hits "Lift Off!" and "Thunder".

Time for a breather - and a stage change, Swedish Galavant played a short in between half hour show with some live singing, but we did really pay attention as we went to re-energize in the food court area. We got back as German super talent Zedd took over with more great electro and melodic bangers, including his own hits Spectrum and Clarity - I even think I saw someone shed a tear during Clarity whilst I was busy having goosebumps again. But our euphoria could get even higher. Yet another Swedish rising star was on decks. Alesso lifted us even higher into the stratosphere with plenty of feel good "scream along" prog house hits, including the monster "Calling" he did with Jedi master Ingrosso - just when I thought I was done having goosebumps... Great warm up for The King - Axwell.

I've seen him a couple of times now, and he never seems to stop amazing me. We a surgeons precision, who played carefully selected and very effective tracks to take us on our 1 ½ hour final ride into Nirvana. His set included quite a few SHM tracks like Greyhound and the not yet released Axwell/Ingrosso collab "We Come, We Rave, We Love" featured on the Final SHM world tour, the new one "Center of the Universe" as well as old tunes like "Heart Is King" and and "Leave The World Behind" in yet another mashup. I think I finally lost my mind when he dropped "In My Mind", my very top house summer anthem. All hail - Axwell is King!

What an amazing weekend in Gothenburg - we all left the lovely city the next day feeling very fulfilled and ready for more Summerburst next year.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Distortion Copenhagen 2013

The annual madness of the free street festival Distortion hit Copenhagen once again late this May. The 5-day festival draws in 300.000 people from Denmark and Europe and takes places in three distinct boroughs of the City. This time with a street party at Nørrebro, Vesterbro and the harbour area. There's several night time club events during these days after the street parties closes, but these are not free. It's all topped of with a Final Party on the Saturday and a chill out event on the Sunday for those still alive.

This time around, I attended the street parties at Nørrebro and Vesterbro. On the Wednesday, Nørrebro was packed with happy people drinking very cheap beer and dancing in the streets. We walked around a bit to suck in the vibe at Kapelvej, where my homie from KANT was playing, down to Skt. Hans Torv (check out a map here) and back down to Nørrebrogade, to meet up with the nice guys from Bassdrop in their backstage. The Bassdrop crew hosted the largest party of the day, right in the middle of Nørrebrogade, the main street of the borough. A couple of their own soldiers, like Karl Smart and Fat Pony where playing, along with the talented Faustix who played just before our number one Danish DJ Morten Breum. It was a massive party with people filling up the street as long as you could see. Morten Breum ripped the city apart while we partied backstage and on stage behind him on the decks. What a great first day!

The following day, bombed out from the insanities of the day before, we visited Vesterbro, (map here) and walked a bit around, checked out the guys from KANT again who this time played the La Villa deep house stage with Henri Matisse and Martinez. We checked out TooManyLeftHands, who played a nice prog house set and got the party started at Hadersundsgade, later on that stage we saw the final show from Copenhagen back 2 back with The Frederik. Pure electro madness, complete with mosh pit, crowdsurfing and even a guy surfing the crowd on an old couch. Great party. Check out this short video from this party below. After these two days I was completely beat, so I didn't manage to go to the harbour or the final party. If Distortion gets it funding in place for next year, you should definitely come and join this crazy street party in Wonderful Copenhagen.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Miami Madness part 1 - the parties

For most people, this has got to be an adventure of a lifetime. Nothing in the world compares to this experience. I love the music, the beach, the sun, the palm trees, the colorful drinks, the food, the amazing nightclubs, the beautiful people - I LOVE MIAMI!

During the course of my seven days in Miami, I witnessed over 60 DJ's and EDM acts at close hand, in nightclubs, to beach- and pool parties and at the epic Ultra festival. In this article though, I will only cover the parties, and then UMF in a later one, as it all can't fit in just one article.

NYC warm-up

As we couldn't fly directly from Copenhagen to Miami anyway, we started with a five day warm-up in NYC. Knife Party played Pacha NYC the day after we arrived, so we joined the party on the VIP mezzanine, to keep a safe distance from the Jersey crowd, where we also go to meet and greet with Gareth and Rob. Great night in a packed nightclub and a great beginning to the adventure we where about to embark on.

Knife Party - Power Glove

Tuesday - Miami Massive 

We arrived in Miami on the Tuesday in the middle of the Miami Music Week (now 10 days/over two weekends). The Miami Madness had already been going on since the previous Thursday, so we had already "missed" out on 5 days of potential day- and night partying. We went to shower and change from our winter clothes from NYC to the summer gear in our very well located apartment on Collins Ave, South Beach, conveniently placed within walking distance from all the SoBe parties, and then of to our first day-party, the Miami Massive at Nikki Beach. Directly on the beach, though closed for the public, we spent the afternoon grooving in the sand under the palm trees with the likes of David Lambert, Gregor Salto (very good!) and Tocadisco before the night settled and the party moved inside to the sounds of Plastik Funk, Firebeatz, Audien and our danish friend Morten Breum.

The non-danish attendees must have thought they missed out on something as the small group of Danes loyally supported Morten Breum, danced like crazy and sung along to the new vocal version of Larva. Even though it's tough to play that late (around 3 AM) when people have been dancing since 12 PM to many of the same tracks, he played a nice improvised and fun set. Thank you for a great night Morten!

Morten Breum - Larva (Far Away) (Pegboard Nerds Remix)

Wednesday - Haunted Mansion

We skipped the day party to have a stroll on SoBe instead, soak in the atmosphere and get ready for yet another Knife Party show. This time around, it was at the Mansion super club on SoBe with support from newcomer Walden, Candyland, Jordy Dazz, Kill the Noise and Tommy Trash. We quickly entered the VIP area, which was directly behind and surrounding the DJ booth.

This proved to be the best night during our stay in Miami, as some of our favorites DJ's played, we partied alongside and high fived the DJ's, drank with their managers and meet them all after they had played their sets. The Mansion Nightclub was an amazing place, complete with topless dancers hanging in chains from the ceiling, waitresses wearing nothing but underwear, female performers wrapped in tape with powertools, incredible Funktion One sound system and lighting and superior VIP service. What a night!

Check out all the official pictures here and see if you can spot me :)

Timeflies - Nothing At All (Candyland's Not Festival Remix)

Jordy Dazz & Dannic - Fuego

Thursday - Stacked and Hardwell at Mansion

Still buzzing from the amazing party at Mansion the night before, we pulled ourselves together at took a taxi to Finnegan's River in Downtown Miami to catch some of the Stacked day-party. The place was right at the river, under the high way going through downtown Miami. It was packed with the usual American brosteppers as expected for a dubstep event. Even though we came a bit late, we did catch Zomboy, Bro Safari, Andy C and Dirtyphonics.

We left the bro-swarm and headed back to SoBe to get ready for another party at Mansion. This time it was Hardwell with support from Dannic and Dyro.We went to the bar on the main floor and hung out the the tunes of one of the biggest names in house music at the moment.

Check out the official pictures from the party here.

Zomboy - Nuclear (Hands Up)

Hardwell - Spaceman (Carnage Festival Trap Remix) 

Friday -The Clevelander

After a full day at Ultra we continued our brave effort and went for the Showtek and friends pool/courtyard party with Lazy Rich, Jordy Dazz, TV Noise, Bassjackers and my darling R3hab at the Clevelander on Ocean Drive, SoBe. Showtek is really on the rise with their hardstyle inspired electro house sound trending big at the moment. Showtek has got to have some of the most played tracks during MMW. We ended up partying on stage while Stowtek and R3hab was playing. It was a fun night.

Showtek & Justin Prime - Cannonball (Original Mix)

David Guetta & Ne-Yo - Play Hard (R3hab Remix) by R3HAB

Saturday - Pacha Ibiza at Bamboo

Beat from another long day on our feet at UMF, we manned up, and headed to the Bamboo Lounge for the Pacha Ibiza party. We entered a large room almost completely stuffed with VIP lounge areas. This was a club fit for 90% VIP bottle service and 10% GA's - only in Miami!

As the party took off, dancers descended on stages that came down from the ceiling, "cryomen" with stilts and lazers on their fingerips and weird/evil circus performers roamed the floor - what a crazy, crazy atmosphere. We saw Showtek, Sidney Samson, Bassjackers, Sebastien Drums and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

Check the official pictures from the party here.

Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & GTA ft. Wolfpack - Turn It Up (Original Mix)

Bassjackers & Dyro - Grid (original mix)

Stay tuned for part 2 covering the Ultra Music Festival with Baauer, Deadmau5 and last ever show from SHM.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Miami Music Week Top 10

Miami Music Week 2013 is now well over and now is the time for a little follow up on the mega trends and jet streams of EDM as of today.

This year, MMW was dominated by the current trend in progressive house with epic multi layered buildups and huge minimalistic drops heavily influenced by the hardstyle genre. Five out of ten on this list fits that description. Last year, it was more melodic and vocal tracks that dominated the sets. A single trap track made the list to honor the current EDM fad (no DJ set without a 10 minute trap segment these days) along with the recent big room superhit from Nicky Romero and Avicii, the remix of the melancholic Lana Del Rey track by local Miami boy Cedric Gervais and a very high placement for our young Danish producer Mikkas for his remix of Rewind by Emma Hewitt that gained massive support by the likes of Knife Party (the track is now an integral part of their set - I saw them three times the last 10 days) as well as from Hardwell, Thomas Gold and many others.

So here it is, my perception of the current trends as displayed in Miami at several parties and at UMF by numerous DJs (I saw over 60 acts during 7 days in Miami!).

1. Chuckie, Junxterjack - Make Some Noise (Original Mix)

2. Bingo Players - Rattle (Original Mix)

3. Tony Romera - Pandor (Original Mix)

4. Emma Hewitt - Rewind (Mikkas remix)

5. Showtek, Justin Prime - Cannonball (Original Mix)

6. Quintino, Sandro Silva - Epic (Original Mix)

7. Benny Benassi - Satisfaction (RL Grime remix)

8. Basto - Stormchaser (Original Mix)

9. Nicky Romero, Avicii - I Could Be The One (Original Mix)

10. Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais remix)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Run the trap!

In the wake of the latest Internet craze "Harlem Shake", it's due time for some perspective on this whole trap thing. I mean, even my mom knows about Harlem Shake and subsequently have heard Baauer, my favorite Trap artist, before it went "Gangnam Style" on the Internet. I still love him, and he has a lot more to offer than stupid 30 second videos with teens acting normal and the really "crazy".

Long story short on trap. It started out many years ago in the deep south of US as a hip hop sub genre, but lately it has made it's way into the electronic realm, filling out the gap between hip hop and EDM, with Baauer, Grandtheft, Flosstradamus and UZ as it's main front runners. It's slower than moombah, about the same tempo as dubstep, dominated by lots of voice samples and it's very bass heavy, as the well known bass boom sound of the old Roland TR-808 drum machine is in it's core DNA.

In all the latest DJ sets I've heard recently, including Nicky Romero and Zedd, it seems obligatory to have a trap segment of 10-15 minutes, just like a year ago with Moombah. Trap seems to be the new black in bass music - let's see if it sticks!

Hardwell - Spaceman (Carnage Festival Trap Remix)

Flosstradamus - Rollup (Baauer Remix)

Alex Metric - Rave Weapon (UZ Remix)

B⚠NNED 2 by Flosstradamus